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VAT Registration / VAT De-Registration

Complete Outsourced Solution

To be able to register for VAT, you will require knowledge of local tax legislation and procedures, as well as the relevant language skills, this is where amavat® stands out from the rest. A local and experienced contact person in the relevant EU country where the tax authority is located, assisting you and offering guidance on a full range of tax advising services in each country in which amavat® operates. We feel without this your application/s can be queried or rejected, which can significantly delay your business development.

For these reasons, many businesses outsource to our amavat® specialists where we appoint a single point of contact who can help you with the complete ‘VAT Registration’ and VAT compliance process.

With amavat® providing this personalised, simple and cost-effective service, you will not require to have any knowledge of local laws. Thus, benefiting from our local multi-lingual VAT experts to obtain the VAT number and other registrations you require, as quickly as possible.

VAT Registration has to be reviewed as on ongoing concern, as your business activity changes it might mean you no longer require registration.

If this happens, there is a requirement to de-register.

amavat® can help you to establish when ‘VAT De-Registration’ is applicable and will help with making an request to the local tax authority on your behalf to de-register your business for VAT purposes. We can at the same time, also advise you on how to make sure that all VAT incurred by the business in the country concerned is recovered.

Comprehensive Outsourced Registration Solution

  • Assessment of VAT registration obligations;
  • Advice on registration dates and types;
  • Guidance on the documentation and information required;
  • Reviewing all relevant registration material;
  • The preparation and submission of all application forms;
  • Correspondence address for the local tax authorities (receiving and forwarding of correspondence from the local tax authorities);
  • Translation services (where required - extra charge).

Additionally to attaining a VAT number, your business may have to apply for numerous other registrations and implement a detailed infrastructure to obey to local requirements.

Your registration and compliance considerations might include these optional services (transparent fees advised up front):